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pxSendOTP will return same referenceKey if pyContext is same as before

In our use case, we use OTP in password changes. The user can go back to the previous screen from the OTP entry screen. When they return to the OTP entry screen again, they will receive a new OTP.

I use pxSendOTP and pxVerifyOTP to send and verify the OTP. The pyContext of the OTPInputs is set to the fixed string "UserUpdate".

I followed instruction in history tab of pxSendOTP. "pyContext: Business context for which the OTP has to be generated (Example: ForgotPassword or ApprovalRequest)"

The problem is that the first and second pxSendOTP call will return the same RefereceKey. The pxVerifyOTP also retuns OK for both OTP. When pyContext is set to null string or unique string, ReferenceKey will be defferent.

so What is pyContext for? How do we use pyContext?  

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Pega Platform 8.4.1 Security
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