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Posted: February 12, 2019
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pxTransferAssignment OOTB Rule not found exception

Hi! Tell me please what I need to do to OOTB activity pxTransferAssignment can run without any errors?

I write activity with only one step: AssignmentID = "BVEB-LEGAL-WORK-LOANS LS-11873". Maybe I am specifying the wrong format?

I get an error "Failed to find a 'RULE-OBJ-ACTIVITY' with the name 'OPENANDLOCKWORK' that applies to 'BVEB-Legal-Work-Loans-Deal-Signing'. There were 7 rules with this name in the rulebase, but none matched this request. The 7 rules named 'OPENANDLOCKWORK' defined in the rulebase are: 7 unrelated to applies-to class 'BVEB-Legal-Work-Loans-Deal-Signing', for example: 'Assign-'." but all the activities are located in Pera rulesets and all of them are piece of OOTB functionality and not customized.

Activity named OPENANDLOCKWORK Apply-To Assign- class but why is the system looking for it in BVEB-Legal-Work-Loans-Deal-Signing class? Or I need to call pxTransferAssignment from other StepPage and not from work object class?

Thanks in advance!

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