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Posted: February 13, 2021
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Posted: 13 Feb 2021 12:27 EST
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pyattachStream value is not populating in pegadata.pc_data_workattach

I am using PEGA OOTB AttachAFile local action from one assignment in my case type. Once I upload the ,attachment ,I can see the attachment in Recentcontent section of the case . I can download it too .

But when I query pc_data_workattach table(via one Report defination ) with my case's pzinskey ,I am seeing the corresponding record gets added into the table where pyattachstream values is blank but other values (pxAttachName,.pxCreateDateTime) having proper data .

Can any one please tell me why ,pyattachstream values is coming as blank ? I am able to see pyattachstream value for some other case types in the table.


My end goal is to ---Take the pyattachstream and pass it to external API in JSON

I am on PEGA 8.4.3.

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