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Posted: April 24, 2019
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I have a flow with a timer type wait shape set to a certain interval of time and I have the pyContinueAfterWait flow action off of that wait shape. After the flow action I have a fork that checks a certain condition. If the condition is true it continues on in the flow but if the condition is false it loops back to the wait shape to wait again. If the user clicked submit on the pyContinueAfterWait flow action I wish for the fork to be true so the flow continues on. How do I know in the fork if the user clicked submit on pyContinueAfterWait or the timer woke up instead? I set a property on the pyContinueAfterWait flow action connector but this property seems to get set even if its the timer that woke up. So how can I tell the difference in the fork whether it was the timer that woke up or a user clicked submit?

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