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pyImplicitParameter when using RD as Data Page source



  Greetings. Hope you are all doing well! I am trying to pass Pagination properties to a RD that is used as a source in a Data Page. I am on v8.4.1 and i am trying to see if there is any help available on how to use pyImplicitParameter. The below code is from pxCallRetrieveReportData in 8.4.1 (Step 4)


//Update pyReportParamPage with pagination info from pyImplicit params ClipboardPage queryInputTempPage = tools.createPage("Embed-QueryInputs",null); ClipboardPage reportParamPage = tools.findPage("pyReportParamPage"); String queryParams = "";

try{     //Create Embed-QueryInputs clipboard page from pyImplicit paremeter JSON string//put in try      org.json.simple.JSONObject jsonObject = (org.json.simple.JSONObject) org.json.simple.JSONValue.parse(tools.getParamValue("pyImplicitParameter"));  

     if(jsonObject  != null){          queryParams = jsonObject.get("Query").toString();        oLog.infoForced("Query Params"+queryParams);        }      if(!StringUtils.isBlank(queryParams)){       queryInputTempPage.adoptJSONObject(queryParams);       reportParamPage.getProperty("pyPagingSettings").setValue(queryInputTempPage.getProperty("pyPagingSettings"));       reportParamPage.getProperty("pyFilterSettings").setValue(queryInputTempPage.getProperty("pyFilterSettings"));       reportParamPage.getProperty("pyListFields").setValue(queryInputTempPage.getProperty("pyListFields"));       reportParamPage.getProperty("pyIsQueryable").setValue(true);       reportParamPage.getProperty("pyMaxRecords").setValue(0);       isQueryable = true;       }  

} catch(InvalidStreamError e){     oLog.error("Invalid JSON Stream for data page pagination:Expection : "+e.getMessage()); } catch(Exception e){     oLog.error("Invalid JSON Stream for data page pagination:Expection : "+e.getMessage()); }

 Can someone please let me know if you have used this?



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