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Danny Rebello (DannyR05)
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Posted: August 23, 2020
Last activity: August 24, 2020

pyRunRecordExecute proposition filter fails when called from Connect REST

Hi All - Would appreciate if anyone could reply to my below queries, with current or alternate approach

I am working on Pega 8.2.5 version

Requirement : Need to run proposition filter rule for given offer id

I am using the OTB pyRunRecordExecute of Rule-Decision-PropositionFilter class

and getting the expected results when i execute the flow  within Pega studio with a Service REST simulation 

request, but when I execute the same request using Connect-REST , the pyRunRecordExecute  activity either

throws a null pointer exeception when offerid is passed and in other scenario does not throw exception without 

offerid . When executing within studio able to get the expected result with or without offerid passed to pyRunRecordExecute 


This issue is only for OTB pyRunRecordExecute of Rule-Decision-PropositionFilter class but

for my other requirement to get Strategy interaction results using OTB pyRunRecordExecute of Rule-Decision-Strategy  class I am getting expected results both within studio and from Connect REST


Would appreciate any help on this



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