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pyWorkPage Class change issue when huge rules are in other class

pyWorkPage current class is ABC-BANK-Work-ACCOUNT. This class to changed based on condition to run the flow which is in ABC-BANK-Work-LOAN.

After running the flow there are some pages created based on LOAN class and its good. Now the flow coming back to ACCOUNT class then we changed to ACCOUNT class with Page-Change-Class. This is working fine.

Now we are trying to refer on HTML section to display the details in ReadOnly.

But I that HTML section in LOAN class and there related rules are almost 1000 and morethan.

How can we display the data which is in LOAN class where work page in ACCOUNT class.

we cannot do SaveAS all rules which are in LOAN class.

we created a datapage and copied complete pyWorkPage to that datapage. It is refering successfully but in HTML somehow all other tabs and pyCaseContent is coming in to one section.

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