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pzDeleteExpiredLocks - 3-day removal of old locks hard-coded?



I'm attempting to debug some issues with locks not being removed cleanly. I've created the dynamic system setting to avoid the internal lock caching* so I can overcome the problem by manually removing the offending PR_SYS_LOCKS entries ourselves - apologies Pega, we have no other choice.


However, upon investigation I came across the pzDeleteExpiredLocks activity, which appears to be hard-coded to only clean expired locks when they are 3 days old. Unfortunately the RDB-Delete rule this activity then calls is hidden so we can't prove that that's what it's doing.


Please can someone confirm whether:

a) this is correct,

b) whether future versions of PRPC will have this value changed to a dynamic system setting to allow us to control when expired locks are purged. The three-day limit is not one we're happy with, we'd prefer to limit it to a few hours.


If we can't change this then we'll simply implelment our own agent to clean up more frequently, but it would be nice to use the OOTB agent activity.


Many thanks,




* prconfig/database/lockcache/enabled/default in Pega-Engine class, set to false

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