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Posted: June 26, 2019
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pzStatus of pyWorkPage equals false on case open

Hello, Team

We have a such configuration in our project:

  • Work object has Single Page property with Data Access set Refer to a parametrized data page (D_NotificaitonTemplates)
  • Data Page D_NotificationTemplates has activity as data source, that tries to Obj-Open corresponding instance from a database on Data Page. If Obj-Open fails, it just sets pyID from pyWorkPage.
  • The process is configured that at some point case is assigned to a technical workbasket.
  • We have an agent configured to use ResumeFlow activity in order to complete that assignment.
  • When ResumeFlow activity is fired, during agent transaction, we see that property pzStatus is equal to false inside pyWorkPage. At the end there is no errors or something spectacular, but our transaction is rolledback and case stays still at the previously mentioned assignment.

Can someone guide me, how to debug functionality that sets pzStatus to false? Per my understanding and corresponding posts on this forum, its value should be valid or invalid.


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