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Posted: October 13, 2020
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Queries regarding migration of chatbot channel from non-prod environments to prod environment.

  1. We have created a chatbot which includes iNLP Text Analyzer, Topic Model (Keyword + ML Based) in DEV Environment. We have migrated this application to QA / PROD environment. Now we have trained the ML model with Feedback data in production.
  2. Now when we are adding some new commands, also training data for these new commands in DEV environment, and planning to migrate it again to QA/PROD. It will overwrite the model we have available in PROD, which has been trained with Feedback data. So we will lose the trained model from PROD.
  3. So we want to know-
    1. What are the best practices for training model in production ?
    2. How to migrate the chatbot rules, so it doesn’t overwrite the trained model from PROD ?
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