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Posted: August 31, 2018
Last activity: September 6, 2018

Queries related to campaign data

We have a system for our customer service to log in to view customer records in the event that customer called in for queries. Thus, we will need to push the information over to that system so that our customer service is aware of such a campaign is available to the customer. At the moment, we manually push the output the campaign base into a fixed table in the campaign strategy.

I understand that I can extract the campaign base from PR_DATA_IH_DATA_CONTACT, or the view mkt_communciation_history (not sure if it is a view created by Pega). However, it is lacking on the campaign information, e.g. the campaign description (what the campaign suppose to do), the campaign code, or even better, campaign message, e.g. SMS message or email message (in plain text).

1) How can I expand the view further to retrieve the necessary campaign definition information?
2) Where I can retrieve the campaign information in the database?

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