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Query about Pega Requirements / Requirements Portal

We are using Pega 8.3 with Pega Foundation for Financial Services and CLM. One of the features in PFFS is Requirements management / Requirements Portal. Using which we can manage the process to capture any required document for customers being onboarded. It has three components/rule types i.e. Document, Requirement and Requirement Sets. As per current design Pega creates sub-case for every requirement.

I went through "PFFS-83-requirements-portal-guide.pdf", in page 11, it is written that..

"A Document Group is a list of documents to collect at runtime without any verification guidance or validation checks. The
user is prompted to upload the equivalent documents and manually mark them as In Good Order. When a Document Group is used at
runtime, no Requirements subcases are created.

I have tested this in the OOTB CLM application, Pega is creating subcases even-if "Type of Requirement" is set as "Document Group" (within a Requirement rule).

Can anyone please confirm whether it's a Bug in Pega Or the documentation is in-correct?

Sandeep Ghosh

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