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Posted: June 7, 2017
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Question about context of "For Each Page In" in a Data Transform.

I have a doubt about the context that a Data Transform that I'm working one would use, the scenario is this (Using some names for simplicity):

I'm calling a Data Transform (DT01) with a Step Page (Page01) on an Activity, so inside this DT01 I want to do a "For Each Page In" with another page that has my results obtained from a sql query, (Temp.pxResults).

So, my question is, if I'm inside this loop (For Each Page In) and I want to call a property just using it's name (.PropertyName). Will it look for the property with that name in my Page01 OR on my Temp.pxResults(<CURRENT>) (Because of the "For Each Page In" loop that I'm currently in at that point) ?

Thanks in advance!

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