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Nizam Mohammed (NizamM46)
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Posted: May 11, 2018
Last activity: May 16, 2018

Question on delay learning architecture

Hi Team,

I have a question on the delay learning design architecture.We have configured adaptive delay learning. Pega stores the outbound request sent along with the interaction id into the decision data store(Cassandra). It also stores ADMInputs(with values) and pxSubjectID(CustomerID).

Question 1: (We want to change the design): We pega needs customerID in the response? It already has all the predictors with values stored in the request going to decision data store(pxADMInputs). If we don't pass the CustomerID, delay learning process is not working,

Question 2: Lets say if it gets the CustomerID in the delay learning response. What happens if the customer details are updated in the customer table before the response is captured? Ex: Age is updated but the pxADMInputs still has the old values. Does it take the new values for learning or will it go with the old values? Can we customize this?

Please let me know if we are missing something. Thanks in advance.



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