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Posted: July 18, 2016
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Question regarding how many database users should be created for Pega platfrom installation and andministration


We are trying to install Pega 7 on Tomcat application server. Attached the Pega guide to install. The guide suggests creation of Deployment users, Run-time users and Schemas.

  • Deployment user
  • Admin user & Base user (Dual-user Configuration) / Base User (Single-user Configuration)
  • Schemas : Pegarules (Rules Schema) and Pegadata (Data Schema)

Can anyone please help us with below questions:

1) Pega guide suggests same privileges and roles to be assigned for both deployment and admin user. Can we use admin user as both admin/deployment user?

2) For Dual-user configuration, guide suggests that Base user should have below privileges and roles.

- Basic read and write access to data and rules tables including rules resolution & CREATE SESSION

What does "Basic read and write access to data and rules tables including rules resolution" acutally mean? What priviliges and roles are required for  base user in dual-user configuration?





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