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Questions about REST service and connector


Question about REST services:

I have a requirement to create REST services to create a case for each case type. Pega-API-CaseManagement class in its data model has everything i need for this. My question is: in which class is it better to create a REST service. Create all services in the class "Pega-API-CaseManagement" and specify page class for request data as "MyApp-Work-MyClass" or
create every REST service in the work class of the case type whose case we want to create?

Question about REST сonnectors:

1) If, as a request, my REST connector transfers data via a case. That is, a case type data model fully describes the structure of the request. Do I need to create a separate integration class or i can create a connector in my working class?

2) When I try to specify the parent class of the connector as my work class, I get the error "Class id cannot be greated than 25 characters", can I without renaming my class create a REST connector in my working class?

thanks in advance for the answers

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