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Questions on the Purging wizard


We have few questions on the purging wizards.

1. We have been creating multiple schedules, but we are seeing two types on instances. One is “PXMA-XXX”, and the other is “GRP-PLUS-APPSIMPL-WORK_XXX”. Can you tell us the difference between these two?

2. There is a validation that happens before the purging starts. During the pre-purge validation if one fails, will Pega stop the entire process or will it continue validating for more?

3. If certain items fail during pre-purge, will Pega stop the purging process or delete the items which have no error?

4. If there are 1000 records and the 750th record fails, what will the values in the interval statistics be? Will we see the count of items processed and the error description?

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