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Queue-For-Agent/AQM - Standard Agent

Can you please suggest for below questions regarding Standard Agent.

1. Does the method “Queue-For-Agent” stores snapshot of step page (ex: pyWorkPage ) in “pr_sys_queue” table?   if yes please help with table column name.

   If not, then please suggest, how primary page contents are available in agent activity during processing.

2. As per PDM regarding AQM “When AQM is enabled, then when a queue entry is retrieved for processing by the agent activity, the system locks that entry until a commit or rollback occurs at the end of processing.

Do we need to perform commit or rollback explicitly in agent activity (even if it is not required by business logic ) or it will be handled by system internally if no exception occurred during processing in agent activity.?

Thanks in Advance.

Pega Platform 7.4
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