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Queue processor and agents - Queue table

Hi all,

I am currently creating a new application on Pega 8.3 and just realised that queue processor is something we should use instead of agents (my bad!)

I went through the queue processing FAQs but it seems to miss out on some technical details such as the queue table used by immediate/delayed queue processing and so on.

As per usual standard agents, the agents I use are meant to be processed at a later date and involves immediate re-queueing as well. Am i correct to assume that to achieve this, I have to use the delayed queue in queue processor?

I've also created my own custom queue table with exposed columns so that debugging is easier, as its easier to find queues for each specific property (For example : customer ID). I use Azure SQL so reading from BLOB is not possible. Is it possible to create a DB table queue for queue processors?


Please do share any information you would know about this..


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