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Posted: February 5, 2021
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Posted: 5 Feb 2021 8:02 EST
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Queue Processor Bulk Transfer Error

Dear All, I have issue related queue processor bulk transfer. We have a cluster environment and sometime a bulk transfer queue processor get error. It will causing a node will apart from master. We had checked free disk DB and PEGA but got more than 100 GB free disk. But we got error in log :  

2021-02-05 11:25:44,934 [b5a.cached.thread-16] [  STANDARD] [                    ] [                    ] (rvice.DataFlowDiagnosticLogger) INFO    - RunStatusTransitionMessage{​​runId=BulkTransfer, previousStatus=In progress, newStatus=Failing, originator=com.pega.dsm.dnode.impl.dataflow.service.persistence.db.PartitionDbPersistence, reason=com/pega/dsm/dnode/impl/dataflow/service/persistence/db/PartitionDbPersistence$4, senderNodeId=79823e3ee8e81c7f5f38d9f348a870f9, timestamp=1612499144902}​​



My question is :

1. What it's mean ?

2. How we can cope with this issue ?  


Best Regards,


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