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Queue Processor Is Not Working When Called From Outside Pega Using a Service Rest


Below is the context:


  • To call a web-service that does something, then it does another modification on a list of work objects. Since the work object might be locked, an agent was to be used. But since agents are deprecated, a queue processor is required.

Below is what's done so far

  • Created a web-service that calls an activity on Post. And it was tested successfully using Advanced Rest Client and the "Pega Run Option" of the web-service.
  • Configured a dedicated Queue Processor A that runs an Activity B.
  • Initialized the context of the Queue Processor in an ASYNCPROCESSOR Requestor Type that uses an Application-Based-Access-Group that has the access role PegaRULES:AsyncProcessor.
  • Adapted the activity in the web service to Queue-To-Process the Queue Processor (A)

The web-service works properly when called from inside Pega, and the first modification from the web-service itself is done, and  the request is queued to the Queue Processor A, and the change is reflected on the Objects.



When the web-service is called from outside Pega, for example " Advanced Rest Client ". The modification from the web-service is reflected ( Steps in the activity prior to Queue-To-Process ). But the request to the Queue Processor A, is not en-queued. When checked in the admin studio nothing is found on the "Items Ready to Process" column of queue processor A.


When a queue-to-process step is called from a web-service from outside Pega it is not working/queueing the request to launch the activity.

Pega Platform 8.2.1 Case Management Financial Services System Architect
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