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Queue Processor Slowing down with LAG for the dataflow is increasing

Hi ,

I have a queue processor which is running processing a case type. The queue processor has been running for more than 24 hours, every hour it was able to process close to 60k cases. After about 22 hours of the queue processor running the processing rate has decreased to 6k.

When i looked at the alerts, memory and CPU consumption in PDC, i did not see any alarming issue. The stats remained the same as it was when the queue processor was processing 60k. 

I have also captured the processing time on my case and the average time taken is not more than what it was in initial 20 hours. 

When i look at the data flow, in the Distribution details tab, i see the LAG column showing numbers. I don't seem to find any documentation on how to read the data flow of a queue processor. I am not sure why the queue items are taking more time to process, when my application shows no alarming metrics and the average processing time from the application is same. 

Are there any thing i need to look at so that i will have more insight on this issue. 


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