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Quiz on Stop Campaign

I see this question in the Quiz section of

Question 3
You have submitted a Campaign for execution and the Campaign-Run has started processing the Offers. If you are asked to stop further Offers from reaching the customers due to an emergency situation, what action will you take? (Choose One)
No action at the moment. You have to wait until the Campaign-run finishes processing all Offers for any further action to be taken.
Suspend Campaign.
Recall Campaign.
Stop Campaign Run.
Stop Campaign Run will stop the current Campaign Run from processing any further Offers. This is a valid option.
Why is this correct? From what I read , it should not be possible to stop the campaign run once the offer has been delivered . An excerpt from the lesson is as follows: "If an Offer is launched, the Stop button disappears and you can no longer stop the run. At this stage the run waits for all launched Offers to complete. Once all the Offers complete, the campaign run moves to the ‘Completed’ state."
Can somebody explain me this misunderstanding?
Thanks in advance..
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