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Posted: July 2, 2020
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Posted: 2 Jul 2020 9:16 EDT
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RDA: Your Windows HLLAPI application is not currently connected to a Host session.


In our Attachmate text adapters we recently encountered the problem that our WinHLLAPI just stops working halfway through a flow.

In this case; the robot has already performed the login action with the users credentials for the application "RBS". So the robot started the flow, but after a few actions the robot stops working and prompts an exception (I added this as image below). The part "From: ...WaitForCreate()" is returned true. But whenever the robot tries to modify the text property of the component the robot crashes. 

Do you know a solution for our problem?

Thanks in advance for your support!



Our studio version is:

.NET framework version 4.5


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Pega Robotic Desktop Automation 19.1 Data Integration