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Posted: April 11, 2018
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Re-log in with different operator ID



Each operator has "associated" operators. Let's say, "user1" is associated with "user4" and "user8". Once user1 logs in, he can switch (re-log in) to user4 or user8 by just one click without a log off operation / re-authentication (which customer thinks is cumbersome).

Screenshot 1: How to associate other operator ID => I built out a section where administrator can add others by page list

Screenshot 2: Navigation rule modification => I have added one menu (Item List) to show this page list. On-click, "Log Off" (ootb action) will fire.

Screenshot 3: End user menu looks like this

Now, when this "user1" on menu is clicked, out-of-the-box activity "Code-Security.LogOff" gets fired. My guess is, if I modify somewhere in this activity I would be able to accomplish, passing this operator ID "user1" as a parameter. How can I do this? Is there any out-of-the-box activity which does that? Also my fear is when I redirect this the session is established with a cookie, so that has to be terminated or it will log back in with the same operator as it is the same URL.


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