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Posted: July 17, 2016
Last activity: October 4, 2018

Read agent status across nodes

My application runs in a multinode system with 6 nodes. In order to handle the threshold(load balancing) we ensure few agents run in few nodes and others agents in other nodes.

My Problem here is : some of agent fails for various reason . when they stop or fail. i need to trigger an alert to application prod support team on this . I can start or stop or get the agent status of particular node which i am accessing. Is there any way where i can monitor the agents running across the nodes.

To summarize my question . How to access the agents running across several nodes in a mutiple node system

Few option which i found viable is using the API available

getAgentDetailsForNode method will get me the agent status by giving the node name but it is not returning anything.

java.util.Map TestData5= new java.util.HashMap();
TestData5 = tools.getAgentUtils().getAgentDetailsForNode("RulesetName","Quename","NodeName");

The above java snippet is not returning anything . NodeName is the one i have question . i took the node name from SMA even then it is not working. I tried node ID also. getAgentDetails method is working but it fetches only for the current node.

With AES i might be able to acheive what I am looking for. But currently we cannot afford to have in AES

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