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Read only Ruleset Access


Is it possible to allow read-only access to certain Rulesets based on Access Groups?

We want to restrict certain operators (via Access Groups) from creating/modifying any rules in certain Rulesets listed in the Application.

Let's say we have the following setup:

MyApp:01.01.01 has Application rulesets: RuleSet1, RuleSet2, RueSet3

Access Groups: AG1 & AG2 both has Application: App123:01.01.01

AG1 should have full read-write access to RuleSet1 & RueSet3 but only read-only access to RuleSet2

AG2 should have full read-write access to RuleSet2 & RueSet3 but only read-only access to RuleSet1

We have considered the following options but none of them quite work for us:

1. Lock the rulesets: this is a new application under active development and all rulesets in constant use so this is not really feasible

2. Create a 2 Application rules:

- MyApp1 has RuleSet1 & RuleSet3 and have AG1 point to this App

- MyApp2 has RuleSet2 & RuleSet3 and have AG2 point to this App

But this would mean that AG1 can't (read) access RuleSet2 and AG2 can't (read) access RuleSet1

3. Use Work class/flow (RuleSet => Security => Rule management) and have an approval process in place: this seems like an overkill and additional resource/time overhead. Moreover, this still doesn't prevent an operator from creating the rule to begin with.


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