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Posted: November 20, 2017
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Recents section isn't updating with the claim created

We have this functionality in smart dispute application wherein the case-id should reflect in the recents section whenever a new case is created and also when any case is accessed through worklist or workbasket. At this point of time, the case id does get updated when it is accessed through worklist or workbasket but the newly created cases don't reflect in the recents section. However, this wasn't the case a while back when all the said scenarios used to work fine.

The design time configuration for recents section includes the use of pyRecents section of Data-Portal class whose grid is sourced from Declare_pxRecents page, i.e. everything out of the box. Not sure why this design is creating problems after a while and not from the start of the development. Any suggestions for the newly created cases to reflect in recents section?

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