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Redirect and Run activity

We have set up our infrastructure in such a way that two applications will share the same database..Each application will have its own access group and operators will be members of more than one access group..

When a user logs in to one application portal and clicks on a specific functionality- a new tab should be launched of the different application.

Approach: We have used RedirectandRun activity for this. It does launch the new tab with the different access group/application but the problem is original session/thread context is lost.The other functionalities of the original application error out.We checked the Requestor sessions in SMA and its always one (i.e. new application).The original session is lost.

Steps to Reproduce
1) From application one click on a link
2) On the link call a Harness that calls RedirectandRun activity. Pass the required parameters. (attached)
Error Message
There has been an issue; please consult your system administrator
Attempted Solutions
Tried Branch RedirectAndRun but didn't work.
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