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Referencing a datapage as source of a text field - Data page with input parameters

I have a section A and that is referenced in Section B. 

Section A has a text input which shows data in readonly. The source of this is a property on a data page that has a couple of input parameters. 

in a data transform rule, if we want - we can use the format D_DataPage[.parameter1] or so on. From section rule, this dont seem to work. 

1. The work arounds explored - Created a page property that has to copy data from data page and indicate the input parameters to pass on to the datapage on this new property. Use this as source for that field.  Not an option I would do. 

2. Parameterize the section A. Include the parameters with same name you have on the data page as parameters to the SectionA. when you call this section from Section B, you can pass on the parameters on section B. And the text input can have D_Datapage.Property as the source. 

Any other options?

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