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Yudie Qiu (QIUY3915)

QIUY3915 Member since 2017 3 posts
Posted: February 12, 2021
Last activity: February 19, 2021

Refresh the main harness after updating a case in review harness in Cosmos

Hi All,

I want to refresh my worklist section after updating a case in a popup window in the review harness.

I have added a click event to the submit button of the review harness.

The event has three actions:

①call a local action to open a popup window to edit the case detail

(there is a submit button in this window)

②call the script "pega.desktop.infinity.closeSlideInPanels" to close the window after updating the case

③call a "refresh-other section" to refresh the main section 

The problem is when I open the user potal to update a case in review harness for the first time, the main setion is not refreshed correctly. But if I click "My Work" from the left menu before updating a case everything goes well.

Since the main thread is "OpenPortal_UserPotal" when the user opens the user potal for the first time, it seems that the script in the step ② doesn't work for that situation. (When click "My Work" in the menu the main thread changes to "DCSPA_UserPotal")

Can you please help?



Pega Platform 8.5.1