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Refresh other section getting failed

Hi Team,

I am facing an issue with Refresh Other section(On Change event).

My scenario is I have a Main Section with in that i have a RepeatDynamicLayout source is PageGroup and I have included another section(Sub section) inside of the RepeatDynamicLayout. This sub section have repeating grid layout have columns when ever a dropdown value from Main section changes the same field is available in subsection grid and it is getting refreshed as expected.
Problem is when I changes the RepeatDynamicLayout source as PageList (Which having same page context of page group) the sub section is not getting refreshed and throwing an exception. by tracing the on change event refresh other section is not getting triggered with in the refresh other section(Subsection) I am passing a DT which loads the sub section grid values. I am unable to refresh other section (subsection).

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