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Regarding Mobile Local storage (Under settings tab)- Offline scenarios

When can we use Clear Storage options in Mobile settings tab?

We are seeing some issues where some of the work items are not at all syncing to server. This may be due to connection issues or some assignment errors.

For these kind of sync failures can we use  Clear Storage options? What exactly it does? Will it sync all the failure work items to server again?

Note: We are using ML8  (Pega 7.1.8) for Mobile Offline.

Scenario: Lets say user is syncing all the offline work items to server by coming to online mode. It has been connected to one of the application server and synced some of the screens as we are using screen flow (say  3 screens out of 7 screens). After 3 screens syncing all the app servers of the production application went down. So in this scenario User is going to miss remaining 4 screens properties? Will it be synced it again? Is there any way to sync them?

Please advice as our production application users are facing this issue. for some of the work items users are not able to sync to server at all.

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