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Soumya Maity (SoumyaM4)

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Posted: September 26, 2019
Last activity: October 3, 2019

Regarding Notify Assignee OOTB feature (Pega v8.2.2)

We have this requirement to use a Case level SLA and send notifications based on Certain Deadline/Passed Deadline thresholds to User or Work queue managers. We have used OOTB action Notify Assignee in Deadline and Passed deadline actions. After configuring the Email account and Correspondence rules, we are not able to trigger any mail to anyone.I did the below analysis and i am not able to understand such behavior:

Whenever the Case is created, an ootb flow rule "Overallsla" (Pegaca-work class) is creating the SLA object and putting the same in "Work Queue". Lets say the assignment is still in my work list and Goal n Deadline is over and now the Service level Agent is up and picked the corresponding SLA object from the service level queue. When i traced the agent, I see class of the newAssignPage page has been selected as Assign-Workbasket. After that when Sendemailtoassigneeondeadlinetime is being executed ,the Getcontact activity of class Assign-workbasket is firing, not Assign- class. And that's where the problem is.In Assign-workbasket Getcontact activity, the Param.EmailTo parameter is set as Null("") as the Pega is looking for any contact person in the work queue, even though the assignment is still in my worklist. And that's why email is not being triggered.

Please clarify the below question:

1. Why OverallSLA flow puts all the SLA objects in Work queue not Work list. Because when i changed this flow for testing purpose and updated the same with Work list from work queue, I was able to receive the mail as, the class of the newAssignPage at run time was picked up as Assign-worklist.

2. If this is an expected behavior, please let me know how to use this Notify Assignee action .

Please let me know in case of any confusion.

Thanks in Advance.

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