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Jayanta Dutta (JayantaD)
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Posted: March 23, 2017
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Regarding PURGE Operation of System Cleaner

pxProcess.pxLogUsageRetentionPeriod is the property which ensures how old data will be purged by System Cleaner (Activity: Log-Usage.UsageCleaner). From where this property is populated? Is it from the <env name="usage/retentionperiod " value="nnn" /> [nnn=Number of Days] setting at prconfig.xml? Default it is 30. But if this prconfig.xml setting is responsible for Retention Days value, then what is the role of DSS reporting/reportstatistics/minimumDaysToPurgeFromDatabase? Does it need to be in sync with prconfig.xml?

We found a lot of data getting populated into pr4_log_rule_usage and pr4_log_rule_usage_details. Is it because of usage/usagetrackingenabled DSS being true? Step 11 of Code-.SystemCleaner activity refers to this DSS value before cleaning/purging these two tables. If the data is to be purged by someway someday, is not it justfied to turn this DSS to false? Or there is any impact of turning this DSS to false?

Similarly, can the reporting/enablestatistics DSS be set to false, for avoiding any unnecessary purgable data to be dumped into tables?

While tracing the Log-Usage.UsageCleaner activity, we found that Step5 is responsible for purging the pr_perf_stats table with Parameters being <pr_perf_stats>, <pxSnapshotTime> and <paramPage.getString("RententionDays")>. But in runtime, the paramPage.getString("RententionDays") is not getting passed to the SPPR_PURGE_TABLE table. Even though it has 3 parameters , but only 2 are getting sent from Pega. Even though RententionDays is set to 0, SP is not considering that value.

Additionally there is one more DSS- EventsRetentionPeriod. Is it related to pc_events table? Presently default value is 90, but if we set it to 0, will it stop populating the data into this table? And if so happens, will it impact the PRPC System anyway?

We have been asked to pose these questions to PSC by Pega SMEs. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.



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