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BalaRaju Chandanala (BalaRajuch)

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Posted: August 9, 2017
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Regarding summing of check boxes selected

Hi i have a requirement on the below scenario.Can anybody suggest the best possible outcome.

I have a property which has 5 values that i need to display as check boxes with some labels which has some scores So i created Data type(KeyFeature) for that property and created column and IDs(KEYS) and defined the KeyFeatureValue for that IDs and a data page of list type is created automatically for that data type and is holding the results .So in grid layout i displayed the results using data page as source in the form of check boxes and labels .In the front end whenever we are selecting the check boxes labels ,KeyFeatureId is setting to true and the values are setting for the IDs defined in Datatype which is showing in Data page of list type like

Datapage.pxResults(1).KeyFeatureID == true then KeyFeatureValue== 1 ,

Datapage.pxResults(2).KeyFeatureID == false, KeyFeatureValue is "0'

Datapage.pxResults(3).KeyFeatureID == true KeyFeatureValue == 5 ,

Datapage.pxResults(4).KeyFeatureID == true, KeyFeatureValue is "2'

Datapage.pxResults(5).KeyFeatureID == true KeyFeatureValue == "3".where KeyFeatureID and KeyFeatureValue are the keys .

My requirement is to add all the KeyFeatureValues for which KeyFeatureID is true and displayed in some property.

Please find attachments for UI screen and Datatype values

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