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Francisco Javier Guzman Anaya (FranciscoJavierG2301)
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Posted: March 31, 2020
Last activity: April 7, 2020

Relatonship between NBA Advisor and Pega Marketing/CDH in regads to Contact and Customer classes

May you help me to understand the configuration of customer data into NBA Advisor. Following the implementation guide NBA advisor section Configuring Decision Hub, page 78 of NBA Advisor implementation guide 8.4, I was not able to retrieve data from my Pega Marketing Implementation app, where my CDH resides. 


I noticed that creating a customer inside PegaMKT/CDH’s Customer dataset  involves instances of PegaMKT-Data-Customer however creating a contact in NBA Advisor generates an instance of PegaCA-Interface-Contact, different repository. How can this contact be transformed into a customer or attached to a customer? 


To give more context on what I am trying to archive, here is an example: in Pega Marketing if a Real-Time container is invoked with a customer id passed in the request is used to load customer data  and so that information can be used as part of the the strategies configured in the NBA designer (this is something is already working), translating that example to NBA Advisor, I would like to start a new phone call, New>Phone Call, provide the customer information and the make pega to load the customer information to be used by the strategis defined in the NBA designer.


What steps should I follow in the NBA Advisor configuration to achieve it? I have reviewed following implementation guides but did not get it, so I would appreciate the help:

  • Pega Marketing implementation guide 8.4

  • Customer Decision Hub implementation guide 8.4

  • Next-Best-Action implementation guide 8.4

Pega Next-Best-Action Advisor 8.4 Decision Management Technology Services Business Architect