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Reload User portal

We have a requirement to load a work object in pega - where the workobject id will be displayed as an URL Link in a different system.

Requirement is to open the workobject directly in the caseworker portal.

We are able to achieve this, by passing the workobject id as parameter in query string, when the user clicks the url for the first time in the source system.

However, once the session is established and a workobject is opened.

When the user clicks again on a different workobject id in the source system, a new window opens up with existing session and the portal is loaded with the existing details, we couldn't reload the portal with new workobject details.

My questions are:

Can we open multiple workobjects for a given session in different windows?

Can we close the session via code and re-login every time the user clicks on workobject links?

any other ways to achieve this requirement?

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