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Reloadharness method not holding error message in top level page (pyWorkPage)

we have an button in harness(tabbedscreenflow) level (As an action button)

On button event we are performing two action

1. Calling an activity which will validate few components and set the property error message

2. Calling Refresh this section (This is inturn calling pega ootb reloadharness and this somehow refreshes my current flowaction's section alone )

The problem here is we are validating few properties on pyWorkPage(toplevelpage) and few property are validated at the embedded pages (pyWorkPage.xyzpage) Obj-validate is used. when error message is set on the property of pyWorkPage the message is erased/removed before the first step of reloadharness. whereas if the error message is set on the property of pyWorkPage.xyzpage it carries forward and after section refresh it is reflecting as error in the section property


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