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Posted: April 10, 2015
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ReloadSection and paging

On a case, we've got a embedded PageList, editable in a RepeatGrid. It's in v6.2.

(It was also referenced here: Problem selecting text within table cell. I tried setting to inline, but hit the Java 64K limit )

We're using Paging to allow the user to scroll through. This works as expected.

We have various buttons which commit changes to the server.

These are set to call the ReloadSection action, then calling our own specified activity (which basically applies the changes).

and here's the problem: When these are submitted, these do not return to the expected page (i.e., the page that the user was on)

I am thinking that our own activity *could* call pzdoGridAction/pzGridSortPaginate, passing the appropriate StartIndex parameter... which, it should be mentioned, is not persisted on the clipboard, given that the pagelist is not a ReportDef (look up the source to pzGridSortPaginate to see).

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