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Posted: July 11, 2020
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Remove the Duplicates from the Pagelist using Data Transform.


I've a requirement to remove the duplicates from one Pagelist and copy the unique items to another Pagelist using Data Transform.

Tried using pyRemoveDuplicatesFromPageList, but no luck.

Syntax used in DT is,

NewAccountsList = @Utilities.pyRemoveDuplicatesFromPageList(pyWorkPage,".OldAccountsList","AccountNumber")

pyWorkPage: Jaguar-Triumph-Work-Bank

My Old Pagelist is .OldAccountsList and it has a column AccountNumber.

OldAccountsList(1).AccountNumber = 111

OldAccountsList(2).AccountNumber = 222

OldAccountsList(3).AccountNumber = 333

OldAccountsList(4).AccountNumber = 111

OldAccountsList(5).AccountNumber = 222

After running the Data Transform, Expected Result should be,

NewAccountsList(1).AccountNumber = 111

NewAccountsList(2).AccountNumber = 222

NewAccountsList(3).AccountNumber = 333


But while saving the Data Transform, its showing an error.Attaching the Pic of it. Could anyone give some idea please..!!

Data Transform Error Pic

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