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Bhargav Putumbaka (BhargavP2852)

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Posted: June 12, 2020
Last activity: June 13, 2020

Remove duplicates from text property

Hi ,

I have a RD run in an activity which pulls information like below table

WO ID Status Trasaction Business Analyst
p-1 pending 123 abc
p-2 pending 23 bcd
p-3 pending 45 abc

I have  requirement to send email to business anlayst pulled form the above report.

I have used obj browse to open business analyst email based on the name of BA populated in the table.

But if there are 2 rows having same BA's , TO property(Mode:text) which iam going to use in sendsimpleemail is populating as;;

I dont want repeating email address in the To property.

rather i want To property to be populated as; by removing any duplicates email address

How to achieve this requirement?

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Pega Platform 7.2.1 User Experience Reporting