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Posted: May 23, 2020
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Removing or hiding scrollbar in Dynamic Layout by implementing CSS

Specifics: I am using a Dynamic layout (Layout-1) with collapsible header type and inside that, I am embedding a section which has a table layout (Layout-2)

Issue: I am getting two horizontal-scrollbars as you can see in the image (scrollbar.png)

Root cause: By looking into the issue I get that the two scroll bars are coming from two layouts (Layout-1 and Layout-2)


I tried using below inline style:

 overflow-x: hidden !important;

and after implementing these results are as per the image (scrollbar1.png)


I have two General questions and I would appreciate any suggestions 


  1. Where do we implement CSS in Pega? (which rules, can anyone suggest content on these)
  2. How could I completely remove the scrollbar? (as showing in scrollbar1.png)


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