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Removing special Characters

Hi Community,

We have a requirement from the client that application has to remove special characters (like +, -, =, @, %, and |)

in the application. data captured either UI or API (via Rest interaction with other application). I could think of below approaches

1. Database level update by trigger to remove special characters.

2. Pega triggers on each object in the data model.

3. Implementation at network interaction level. I have no idea what can be done to achieve at this level. any thoughts? does this address removing them from both UI and API interaction?

each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. However I wonder we could do something on property-set method level, when I was exploring how the validate rules are being enforced at the product level, could see that it is happening at proper-set level. also observed that developers has limited control (we can not override) on it.

any common place that we can use to implement it, with out spending time again on future data model or functionality changes.

any thoughts on this would be appreciated!



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