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Jeremy Briggs (JBriggs7277)
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Posted: July 21, 2017
Last activity: August 4, 2017

Repeating Grid inside of a Modal does not recognize keyboard events.

Hey everybody,

I am working on a search function that pops up in a Modal from click of a search icon. Inside the modal is some input search fields, and after you click submit, a Repeating grid displays on the modal with results from a service call. Our business need is to be able to navigate through the list using up and down keys and selecting an entry using the enter key. The issue is that the grid inside the modal only responds to mouse clicks. The keyboard seems to be manipulating the parent window. It's not the entire modal, because the keyboard responds to the input fields on the modal. Just the repeating grid seems to be a problem. Even after clicking and highlighting a row on the list, the keyboard is not be in focus to use keys. Click works and double-click works. Up, Down, and Enter will not work.

Thanks for your help,


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