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Posted: February 2, 2018
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Replication of Queue Agent Tables between Data Centers

We are using several queue agents to process some work objects in the background. We are using the default pr_sys_queue and pr_sys_lock table for Queue Agent processing. The issue I am looking for is a solution to replication between (2) data centers. Please correct my line of thinking if I am incorrect in any way. But, my thought is if I have a large number of work objects in queue at Data Center One using the pr_sys_queue & pr_sys_lock table....and ....we have to move to Data Center Two for whatever reason - 1) doesn't normal Pega operations use the two tables mentioned? 2) so if we replicate them to another data center, I would expect to see issues?

What issues can I expect and is there another way to avoid the pitfalls?

Data Integration System Administration
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