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Report definition with large number of columns

We have requirement where we want to display 20-25 columns in a report definition. This report definition we will be showing to end user in report browser. 

When we add a large number of columns we have two options:

  1. To enable column header scroll In this case user will have to scroll a lot as the column’s header are also huge. Few examples of column header are below(few are longer than these):
    1. What is your favorite product?
    2. Why did you purchase this product?
    3. How satisfied are you with [product]?
    4. Would you recommend [product] to a friend?
    5. Would you recommend [company name] to a friend?
  1. Disable column header scroll All the columns will be truncated, and as we have sorting and filtering enabled user is unable to see any help text on hover as well.

If anybody has implemented something similar and can share few insights it will be of great help.


Thank you :)



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