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Report Definition missing property

This is my first time writing Report Definition.

I have an existing ListView that I am trying to convert into a Report Definition.

My List view has 'FirstName' Property (in Class A) as one of the columns. When I try to use the same property in my Report Definition (under same class A) under columns to include, this property does not even show as the list of available properties. When I forcibly include the property .FirstName, the Report Definition does not save/compile and gives the error - Property Name: This is not a valid property. -

My assumption is that the FirstName property is not a scalar property on the pc_work table that the ReportDefinition is mapping to. Surprising that the ListView was able to access it but not the more 'advanced' Report Definition. Is there a way for me to retrieve the FirstName property in the Report Definition without changing the DB? Any example would be a great help.

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