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Chakri Payyavula (ChakriP8)

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Posted: June 30, 2017
Last activity: June 30, 2017

Report Definition - Properties unavailable in drop down

I am trying to convert a List View written in PRPC 5.3 into a Report Definition in PRPC 6.1 SP2.

I have a property FirstName which is under Class A.
When I create a New Report Definition under Class A and try to look for this property under Column Name, it is not visible. The other properties in the ListView are visible.

I have another property TimeDifference which is a CalculatedValue of some of the properties on my List View and it is defined under ClassA. But the Report Definition will not display this as well (under Column Name in Columns To Include)

PRPC 6.1 SP2 does not allow properties that are in the BLOB to be displayed under Column Name.

I would not think First Name and Last Name would be part of the blob where as TimeDifference property is set as a result of a Declare Expression. Is there a way to verify which properties belong to BLOB?

These three properties are not visible, but other properties from my List View are visible and my Report Definition will not save giving the error -- Property Name: This is not a valid property. What am I doing wrong?

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