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Venkata Vikram Dabbugottu (VenkataVikramD)
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Posted: June 12, 2020
Last activity: June 15, 2020

Report definition is sending a null value when replace function is used


My report definition must fetch the information based on the person number and the format of the person number can be YYYYMMDD-NNNN or YYYYMMDDNNNN.

In the report definition am using replace function to replace "-" with empty space like "" and the string changes to YYYYMMDDNNNN. But when am not passing any string through the report definition the SQL query is generates as:

select * from tablename WHERE ( ( "CustomerInfo"."PERSONALNUMBER" = REPLACE(? ,? ,'') ) ).

The question is there’s any possibility in pega report definition to not send a "null” when the string is not passed. In my case I want the SQL query as:

select * from tablename.   


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Pega Platform 8.3.1 Reporting Financial Services